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Photo of the artist Anna Thurecht in monochrome

I am Anna. Welcome to my page. As an artist living in Canberra, Australia, I am fortunate to be able to enjoy, and draw inspiration from my surroundings. We have four very distinct seasons here. Vibrant Autumn and Spring and quite extreme Summer and Winter. I live in close proximity to snow fields and the coast. We are surrounded by mountains, rivers, forests, farmland and more.
Here you will find paintings I have created over the last few months. Although I have mainly been painting in watercolours lately, which I love to do, I am also a keen acrylic pour painter.

I have put together a collection to browse through if you are interested in Acrylic Pour Art and Watercolours paintings with a natural theme. For me, acrylic pour art is all about colour, amazing effects that can be produced and the unpredictability of the results. While my watercolour inspiration comes from all things natural. I have a bounty of subjects all around me. Flowers, trees, mushrooms are my favourites at the moment but I am not opposed to landscape, streetscapes, still life and more. 

Please enjoy looking through my paintings and let me know if you like anything.....or not.


My Story

A little bit about me...As long as I can remember I have always tried hard to make beautiful art. As a child I had very little in the way of materials. There was not often paper without lines so I would have to resort to drawing in the margins of books or the first and last pages of books because there was often little printing there. I have always been a lover of colour. Another problem I encountered was not having good quality pencils, paints, crayons. Children's materials were of such very low quality...barely any pigment. Occasionally I would come across a good pencil. I would guard it with my life. They ended up as tiny little stubs that were no longer usable. Sad when that happened. I have always had this love, interest, admiration of every type of art and have dabbled in different materials and subjects over the years. I have had a feeling within me from a very small child a need to create. It is something I feel to my core and never leaves me.

A couple of years after leaving school I enrolled in a Commercial Art course but it was not long before I started a family and put the course aside for good. Over the years since then I learned China Painting with June Wenker and Fine Art lessons with Trish Bridges, both from Canberra. I am currently a member of Queanbeyan Art Society. My husband and I had a business for many years that demanded most of our attention so art was on the backburner until 2009 when my brother and my sister-in-laws asked me for paintings for their shop in Wollongong. That worked out really well until they closed the shop and moved to Queensland. By then, our business demanded my full attention again.

Fast forward to February 2001. My mother, 88 year old Gesuina, and I were watching an Acrylic Pour Artist on television. It was great. Suddenly, there was a new interest for both of us. Not only has it been a bonding experience, but, has made an elderly lady get her spark back. Makes me so happy to see her obsessed with something creative. She has been deprived of her bingo, lunches with friends, seeing our large family and all the social things she used to get up to before the Pandemic. Now, she has something to get up for. First thing in the morning she is mixing paint because she thought of a colour combination she wants to try. She watches YouTube after YouTube learning style and technique. We now have quite a number of paintings around. Many great, some we will paint over.

That is a little bit about me (and Mum). It's a pursuit, it's a journey. Why don't you come along with us?


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.



Phone: 61 0401 118 668

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